Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our Anniversary Trip to Paris.

I couldn't think of a better adventure than heading to Paris.....Idaho for our anniversary adventure. We loved it. Even though it was a drizzly cold day, the sun was shining in the Bear Lake Valley. When we got into town we turned south to check out a couple of places to eat that we'd heard about. They looked ok, but I had my heart set on Paris. So we turned around and drove around the beautiful ocean blue lake. Across the street from the imposing Paris Tabernacle we found what we were looking for.

 We were waited on my a young woman with a faux-hawk. She was new there and didn't know what the Maui burger was, but I decided on the regular hamburger with Idaho Fries. I noticed they weren't called French Fries even though we were in Paris. Hmmm. Mick ordered the Chicken Alfredo. Niether of us were disappointed. My hamburger was exactly the way a hamburger should be cooked with lots of lettuce, pickles, tomato and onions. And the Idaho fries were great.

 I snapped these before heading across the street to get a closer look at the tabernacle. I've noticed the beautiful tabernacle before but never walked around it. Someday I'll get a chance to see inside.

 I love the color of the stone, quarried miles away and loaded on wagons for the pioneer structure. The building was designed by "one of Brigham Young's sons." I wondered if they don't know who--I mean there may well be 100's of sons, but he should get a mention on the sign because this building is a masterpiece.

 Then we walked over and saw this interesting hotel. We met the owner, Diane, and she said it is, and always has been used as a hotel. She told us to take a look at the sign on the back. She didn't know why it said what it did. It is indeed interesting.
 "Hotel Paris, English Spoken, Eat & Rest, Price is Right, Try It, That's All"  Ok why English Spoken. Were the owners spoofing the name of the town and making a joke that they don't speak French--possibly.

 Then we found this building. My favorite I think. It would be a great place to take family pictures.
 I loved the old signs, the faded paint, the windows, and the structure.

 We took a look inside the Antique store, that is absolutely loaded with treasures and was freezing cold. No heat. We looked for a long time and never saw a clerk. There was a stack of Relief Society Magazines I found really interesting. They dated clear back to 1920. I couldn't find a price, but was especially interested in an issue on Women's Rights--since Utah granted the right to vote early on in the movement, I thought it would shed light on that.. I wanted to ask how much it was, but will do that another day. On the way out we saw a small sign with a phone number to call if you needed help. The number was for a Diane again. She may own the town. On the way out the valley, we stopped for shakes, actually really thick ice cream and then drove back through the ever spectacular Logan Canyon.

 When we got home we went for a walk up South Canyon.

We enjoyed our trip to Paris so much, we will head back another day when it's a bit warmer. Then though, we probably won't have the place to ourselves. Life in a small town--nothing better. 

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