Friday, July 9, 2010

Fourth of July Celebration in Grouse Creek, Utah

It's been some years that I've been able to attend the celebration in Grouse Creek. I've missed it. From the rodeos, live music, parade and program--there's nothing quite like it. I got pocketfuls of candy without having to knock over any little kids to get it. We enjoyed several walks and hikes.

In about a month my newest novel will be released. The book is set for the most part in Grouse Creek in the time period that we're in right now. It starts on the night after the summer solstice June 22 with three elderly sisters from Grouse Creek finding a body in the desert. Even though I took as a springboard the true incident that happened to Marge, Delma, and Verna--I hope when you get to read the book you won't mix up my story with these people. I in no way intend my characters to be them. Anyway I'm so excited for the book to come out and know/hope my readers won't be disappointed in the story.

This is where my story begins--at the Sun Tunnels and the book will be called Sun Tunnels and Secrets.