Friday, November 23, 2007

100 Things I like

I decided for Thanksgiving, which was yesterday to list 100 things I like. There will be no explanation or particular order. This is by no means a complete list.

1. Without a doubt the people in the picture are the people I like (and love) the most.
2. Autumn
3. my rusty can in the window
4. the view from my kitchen
5. cats with static fur
6. hikes in the mountains
7. friends
8. my book club
9. my writing groups
10. good books
11. good movies
12. walks with friends
13. walks with my husband
14. seeing the view from my house that's being built
15. my new studio
16. artists
17. funny stories
18. lunch with good friends
19. seeing pheasants outside my window
20. hearing sandhill cranes
21. seeing sandhill cranes mating dance
22. Yellowstone National Park (and Silver Gate)
23. Grouse Creek, Utah
24. The Rock Quarry (in G.C. Utah)
25. Comfortable socks
26. Music (all kinds)
27. Easter egg hunts
28. Memories
29. The Art Barn at USU
30. Good teachers
31. Words
32. People that think for themselves
33. Avon, Colorado
34. Leadville, Colorado
35. Christmas stockings
36. Good food
37. Swedish pancakes
38. Sunday visits
39. Zomig
40. Life
41. Old barn wood
42. email
43. cell phones
44. The INternet
45. My Laptop
46. The web cam in Cooke City, Montana
47. Forced air heaters
48. My natural gas fireplace
49. Trees that grow fast
50. wildflowers--all kinds
51. the color yellow
52. Sunshine
53. Creative people
54. photographs
55. Word processors
56. Publishers
57. People who read books
58. People who keep up with world events
59. Democrats
60. People who recycle
61. My blue recycle bin
62. My bicycle
63. comfortable shoes
64. fleece
65. Pi
66. Ketchikan, Alaska
67. Greasy food
68. Antacids
69. old garages
70. Old houses and old buildings.
71. The Paradise Church house with the decorated chapel
72. DUP lunches
73. People who like me
74. People who drop by unexpected
75. People who smile
76. Love
77. Poets
78. People who get me
79. Family parties
80. People who ask questions
81. Sunsets
82. Sunrises
83. Seasons
84. spring flowers
85. Satin pillowcases
86. mountain smells
87. views from the top of the mountain
88. flannel shirts (on men, mostly my husband)
89. cowboy hats (ditto)
90. romantic comedies
91. The Seventies
92. Mr. Bird's art class
93. craftsman
94. fresh snow
95. Our private bird refuge
96. the sage grouse Lek in G.C.
97. characters (these are people who defy convention)
98. colored shirts in church
99. facial hair on men :) Not on myself!
100. Logan Main street

That was too easy. I love lots of things and could go on forever. I hope this Thanksgiving season you will consider all the blessings and things you enjoy. Life is so full.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Answer to the Liar meme

I found this photo and decided to use it to illustrate that the partial lie happened a little before this picture was taken, so did the true story which most people thought was a lie.
Last week I played a game where I told four stories one of which was a lie. Fiction writers have to be pretty good liars, right? Otherwise they would be non-fiction writers. All writers even non-fiction ones tend to at least exaggerate the truth. I have four older brothers, and one of them is a fabulous storyteller--Brian. Everyone knows that all of his stories are true, but how much of the story is true is debatable, but they are funny and that's all that matters.
Okay, so here's the answers to last week's game. #1 still remains one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Only Josi chose this one and I think that's because she figured it was the most believable. It's interesting that embarrassing moments are so vivid in our minds that I remember the exact dress I was wearing at the time, the location on the fence at Sharon elementary and my best friend, saying, "I didn't see you hanging from the fence."
2. This is the LIE. One of the secrets to telling a good lie is to have at least some truth in it. In this story it's more what could have happened than what actually happened. I did walk down this street with my friend and was separated from her. Mainly because I was looking around and she was high-tailing it out of there. Anyway a man did grab my arm, but he didn't force me anywhere and my friend didn't have to tell the police. And we didn't eat pastries. And I wasn't lost. Katie Parker is the only person who got this.
3. Four people chose this one!!! This is the story where I stood behind a guy in an outhouse because I thought it was a building entrance. In other words half the people who played the game thought I was too stupid to do something so stupid, and that I was clever enough to come up with such an outrageous lie. Should I be flattered? Not really because the other half think I am as dumb as I am. Hmmmm.
Well anyway, this still remains my most embarrassing moment--well at least the one I can write about on a public blog. I would love to tell that guy wherever he is that I really am not a pervert. Sorry guy.
4. Two people thought this was the lie. My husband was a good sport on this one, because even though I was the one who told him to call the fire department because I'd seen the barn on fire, when the fire fighters asked, "who was the blankety blank idiot who called this fire in?" he took credit for it. He's that kind of a guy.