Monday, April 11, 2011

"The Crazy daze of Motherhood" by Jane Still

A couple of years ago when Jane Still joined our LDStorymaker group I was intrigued by her name. I mean Jane is so refreshingly unpretentious. Even after all these years it's STILL a good solid name. I mean I imagine sometimes Jane Still has conversations with people like this. "What is your name?" "Jane . . . Still." "Jane what?" "Jane Still." "I know it's still Jane, I didn't expect it to change, but what's your last name Jane?" "No, it's Jane Still." "I get that your name is still Jane, but...what is your last name." "Still what?" ...

See what I mean? I value humor higher than I value any other trait, higher than honesty, loyalty, thoughtfulness...just about anything. If you can make me laugh, I can forgive you of almost anything. If Charlie Sheen was just the least bit funny, I could forgive him for being completely narcissistic, but he's not. Nothing funny about a completely self-absorbed middle-aged star flushing his life down the tubes. But I digress, back to Jane. Not only was she funny, she is STILL funny. I don't know her personally, but I'm pretty sure I'd like her...still. She looks at the funny side of life and mothering. My favorite part in this little gem is all about going to the doctor and dressing and undressing. If you've ever been the doctors you'll relate to this dilemma. One thing about Jane is that she is still obviously not afraid of laughing at herself or her kids, or her husband. Another part I love is that her husband's answer to all problems is to drink more water. Don't we all know someone like that? No matter what you tell them, they tell you advice that sounds the same. A one size fits all approach. No matter what problem you have, they might say, "Well the thing you need to do is eat more spinach." You could say, our plumbing is acting up again, and they would still tell you to eat more spinach. This is how Jane's husband is described in one of the anecdotes in the book. The book is a short 88 page delight complete with drawings to help you get the picture. I smiled and laughed all the way through it. You can read more about Jane Isfeld Still. Or visit her blogspot.