Sunday, January 29, 2012

149 years ago Today

Passionate about her future. I loved the contrast between these two women.
We couldn't really hear her, but she is beautiful.

My niece and I loved this young man. We dubbed him Angry man. He wrote a wonderful piece about Bear Hunter who was killed and tortured: lived strong for his ideals and died for them. A blog about Bear Hunter tells more. The soldiers in an act of extreme cruelty, heated a bayonet in the fire and forced it through his ears.
The Spring Creek Singers
Today, January 29th 2012 something horrific happened near here. An estimated 350 plus Shoshone men women and children were slaughtered by Patrick Connor and the California Volunteers. Although it is not my story to tell I weaved it into a novel I wrote called "Just Shy of Paradise," a book published last March by Walnut Springs Press. It was reviewed recently in Meridan Magazine positively by Jennie Hansen.

Today, was the first time I've been to the commemoration which is held every year on the site of the massacre, sacred ground. Just like many groups I'm involved with, I was an outsider today. Today I heard the story from those who tell it best, those whose story it is to tell. My niece Sara and I attended the ceremony and felt honored to be there. Here are some highlights. Though our feet were freezing, it was a beautiful sunny clear day--warm compared to the day 149 years ago where many were beaten, tortured, raped, and murdered. It was a day of remembering, of reflection, honoring, and vowing never to forget. The ceremony began with a flag ceremony with the Spring Creek Singers and and the most spiritual heartfelt prayer I've ever heard. All in all, a Sabbath well spent.
This young woman sang
Jason Walker introduced the ceremony and guests