Monday, September 23, 2013

An Unusual Mother's Day Gift

On last Mother's Day, we had a nice day visiting my son's church and watching the Mother's Day program, the grandkids sing with the primary and  hearing our daughter-in-law speak. They did a great job. My friend and my home-teacher both got me flowers from my ward. Instead of flowers my son's ward gave out passed Fernwood chocolates. Plus I scored an extra box from another ward by loitering in the hall.  So all in all I quadrupled my church tokens for the day. My husband gave me some pansies to plant. All in all it was a pretty good Mother's Day. I'm not like a lot of my friends. I don't have a very active conscience, which means I can attend church and hear all the flowery, and overdone sentiments about women and mothers and not feel a bit of guilt. In fact, I feel pretty good about myself overall. So to me Mother's Day is fun. My son made a fantastic dinner and I didn't offer to help. I don't mind being waited on other days, but especially don't mind on Mother's Day.

So toward the evening, I got a much anticipated call from our daughter. She lives in New York. Besides wishing me a happy Mother's Day, she informed me that I would be receiving a present a few days late. She hinted that it was something I've wanted for a long time. And that I would be excited, but not as excited as the amount of money it cost her. She also told me that it had to be shipped from Japan which was why it would come late. So I spent the next few days wondering what this present was. My daughter knows me well and picks out great gifts. Finally, when I was at a Saturday Farmer's market, my husband called me and told me that a package from Japan had arrived. I sent a text to my daughter to tell her the news.
Daughter: "Hurray. Finally."
I got home and noticed how small and light the package was. It was indeed from Japan as stamps were all over it and writing that I couldn't understand was all over it. Basically, I couldn't imagine what I would have wanted for a long time that weighed almost nothing and cost quite a bit. I don't care about jewelry and my daughter knows that. What else could possibly be in the package.

Without wasting any more time. I opened the gift and was even more confused. The small almost weightless gift looked like a package of condoms.
Text to daughter: "It looks like a package of condoms."
I opened the purple cellophane covered package thinking quite possibly something ELSE was hidden inside, but alas it was only a package of exactly what they looked like.
Text to daughter: "It is condoms."
Daughter: "What? What? What???? Are you sure?"
Me: "Very sure"
Now my daughter interrupted her work to call me. "I don't know if I've been scammed or what? Ok send me a photo of everything I'll send it to Amazon."

With the package, there was a typewritten letter about the company being honest and that they want me to "feel Japan." I would much rather feel Japan by taking a trip there and walking along the streets that to use the little package they sent me, but that's another story.

So I photographed everything including the invoice which stated that my daughter had spent $97.00. Expensive condoms. Then I noticed the word kettle. Ahh, so that was it. I have wanted a good tea kettle for a long, long time. Ever since my daughter was in high school, we would drink a variety of teas together--mostly peppermint. Indeed it was a thoughtful gift in theory and hopefully I would get it eventually.

Later she told me about her conversation with Amazon:

Daughter: "I ordered a tea kettle for my mother for Mother's Day and she got a package of condoms.
Amazon: "Uh, what was that you said  your mother received?"
Daughter: "Condoms."
Amazon "Condoms?"
Daughter "Condoms."

Apologies were issued and within another ten days I received the real gift. I imagined the company who filled the order in Japan and that they mixed up the order. I imagined the man who ordered something he might have been too embarrassed to buy from the store. I imagined him opening my tea kettle and wondering... what the heck? I imagined him realizing that he got a good deal, but one that didn't quite fill his immediate needs.

My tea kettle is wonderful. I use it often. It heats water in record time and it is a lovely design. My favorite thing is to share tea with a friend who often comes over on Sunday evenings to chat. Whenever my daughter comes we share a cup as well. Some friends prefer hot chocolate and we have that too.