Thursday, December 29, 2011

Swedish Christmas

  We tried to have a Scandinavian Christmas Party to honor our Swedish roots. Our daughter wanted swordfish and that fit nicely. She marinated it and roasted it. We made two different kinds of soup, had salads, potatoes, cauliflour tart, and so on and on. I read about a little gnome named Tomte that lived under the floorboards in Scandinavian homes prior to the legend of St. Nick. I got the idea to make these little guys. They are made from pears, peppers, string beans, nampa cabbage, and cloves for eyes. They were a hit. Our niece Molly married a Swede and it was fun to have Swedish guests and the story of St Lucia. performed and told to us. Molly came out complete with a white gown and a crown of candles. It's a gruesome story, but worth the read. 

This photo was taken by our daughter on a walk with cousins before the party.

Inversion in SLC

Daughter and Niece enjoy a gorgeous day snowboarding--the day before the party.