Friday, October 23, 2009

Sasquatch was here!

Recently I talked to a neighbor who saw prints of what in her opinion could only have been made by Sasquatch. The prints were clearing imprinted in the sediment in the bottom of the empty canal in the spring before the water was released. Unfortunately there was just enough seepage in the bottom of the canal to erase the prints before she was able to document them. She did however find a very good print on the side of the canal that had not been obliterated. If you found prints what would you do? Probably exactly what she did, she went to find a neighbor to show so someone else could witness the sighting. But the neighbor brought his dogs who ran through and ruined the print.

Well I had never met my neighbor and her story had superseded the meeting with her. In other words I'd heard about her belief. And I like anyone else would have assumed she was a bit off. But here's the rub. She's not. She's as sane as you or I. Well as sane as I am and I'm here to tell you, she believes what she saw could only have been made by Sasquatch which means he or she came very close to our house. So is that cool? Yeah, I think so.

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Ronda Hinrichsen said...

Hmm. I think someone could write a story with that scenario. Fun post. Thanks.