Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Christmas Romance & Family Nights

Last year I read one of Aubrey Mace's books "Spare Change" and found it really cute and different from most LDS romances. So when she asked for volunteers from our LDStorymakers to do a review, I volunteered. This is a quick read. I loved the beginning which is laugh out loud enjoyable. Abbie had given up finding the perfect man and contents herself with a fulfilling single life as the owner of a bakery and doting aunt. On Christmas Eve on a whim she quickly scrawls a note to Santa asking for a man. She sets the note out with a can of Pringles and a Coke and goes to bed. Of course, in the morning she is shocked to find a handsome man who has no idea how he got there. And yes he had eaten the chips and drank the Coke. The pace slows but keeps you interested enough to the last page. Of course you have to find out if the man with SBC on his silk pajamas really did come from Santa. It's reminiscent of the movie "Santa Clause" and old Christmas comedies. This book is an unapologetic light and a feel-good read for women who want to escape for a few hours. It won't change your life, but I don't think it was meant to. I believe it is available in most LDS bookstores.

2. Another one of my friends, Anne Bradshaw, has really worked hard to put out a great help to LDS families. Anne compiled a wonderful idea book of family home evening ideas from Mormons that are somewhat recognizable or outstanding in some way. I say all this a little hesitantly because an idea from me is on page 149. I hesitated to be included in this book because she called it "Famous Family Nights," and I'm neither famous or good at family home evenings. However it's an honor to be included in this fun little book. One of my favorite posts comes from Matthew Buckley author of the "Chicken in the Headlights" books describing his brother measuring belly button lint. Doesn't that remind you of some of your attempts at FHE? Anyway, there are some spiritual posts too and some that are really of help. I can see this being a wonderful gift for grandparents to give to their children or Home teachers or Visiting Teachers to give to their families. Wouldn't that be fun Christmas gift? Do not let the cover put you off. I have to say I am not a fan of the cover which makes it look like it is for little kids. This is a book for all age families. My post deals with adult children so I know this is true. Anyway it is also available in LDS bookstores and at Anne's website.

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