Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Magical side of Life

  1. Have you ever heard of Crazy Creek? It's a beautiful waterfall outside of Yellowstone's N.E. entrance on the Beartooth highway. Not very many people go there, but it's so lovely. Usually it's a rushing cascade over giant boulders, but these pics were taken over UEA and conference weekend. Thanks church leaders and school leaders for coinciding so we could have a few days enjoying life. Contrary to what you may believe Yellowstone might have been warmer than Cache Valley. Our friends, Jeannie and Lee H. came along with us--actually drove because Lee says he gets carsick, but I do believe he also likes to be in control. I was worried about relinquishing my control, but found it liberating to relax and let things happen and not be in the figurative or literal driver's seat for a change. If Lee reads this he'll have something smart alec to say. He always has something smart alec to say.
  2. Because of a fire south of Fishing Bridge we had to kill some time, so we went to Old Faithful. I have to admit Old Faithful isn't even close to my favorite feature in the Park. But look at it--isn't it beautiful? I was feeling awe-inspired when some guy's cellphone went off, right at the peak. What do you think he did? He answered it. And proceeded to chit chat not even mentioning that he was watching one of the most amazing phenomenon's of all time. I could hear every word he said while the rest of us ooohed and awed or just felt that funny feeling deep in your chest. It's the feeling you have when you see a newborn baby, a couple getting married, or watching a fire burn in the fireplace that your dad built in a cabin you've been visiting for 49 years. Cell phones kill the magic. Ok enough about that. My battery is about to run out because we're in a power outage and my good friend Jason Kimber who is a new father has informed me that the power outage is going to last for a few hours. I love that I got to see Yellowstone in the fall before the leaves fell. It's a first for me. I love spending time with friends, I love spending time with my husband. And I love Silver Gate, Montana. Life doesn't get any better--even a cell phone can't ruin that or a power outage.

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