Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Goals

It's March and I'm finally getting around to writing down a few goals for the new year. It's all thanks to JoLynne Lyon. She's in my writing group and is a fantastic writer. Instead of bringing something to share that she had written, she brought a notebook and made a few writing goals. She asked if we wanted to make goals too. Well last month, everything I'd written had been rejected. It's kind of hard to see author friends getting books published, having book signings, getting national contracts--I'm talking about James Dashner who is most likely too busy hanging with the stars to read my blog--but who has a huge deal for his book, "The Maze Runner." And is already doing well with Shadow Mountain. I admit I'm so green with envy I could pass for Kermit, but James is pretty funny and did buy me dessert once last year, and even bought pizza for my husband and I last week, so...I'll forgive him his successes.

Anyway, I wrote a goal to finish rewriting my Yellowstone suspense novel by the end of the month. And to write two essays and send them somewhere. So there you go. Now you know my goals and can ask me how I'm coming. Thanks to all my friends and dare I say fans who keep asking me for my third book. Someday, someday maybe someone will see fit to publish it.In the meantime, I will try to keep my spirits up as long as James Dashner buys me food every once in a while.


Matthew Buckley said...

If James doesn't pick up the tab, I will.

CTW said...

Yummy, more food.

Josi said...

Just so long as you keep writing, I'm happy :-)