Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sweet, sacred, sad, scared, spiritual...

Sweet, sacred, sad, scared, spiritual--all of these feelings wash over me several times every day. If you've read my blog from last week, you know that we witnessed a horrific tragedy on Valentine's Day. The accident is still on my mind numerous moments each day. Since that time, I've come to know a little more about the young man who lost his life. I appreciate Josh's sister telling me more about her kind, funny, quirky brother. She had an enviable relationship with him, so losing him is all the more sorrowful. We often describe our losses as heartache. It's amazing how well that describes what happens--your heart literally hurts. The pain is physical, spiritual, and emotional. Every portion of your being is involved.

Every day I walk about three miles into South Canyon. Two days ago, I saw a Great Blue Heron. It rose from the Little Bear River and landed out of sight, but I got to see it again around the next bend. There's also a lovely kingfisher with its distinct chatter-call as it flies from tree to tree along the water. I love where I live. The sky today was mostly gray, but yesterday the sun broke through and patches of vibrant blue and white scattered across the landscape. Walking clears my head and helps me to smile. There are a lot of cows on my route and yesterday they were feeding in a barn, but when I walked past they spooked and frantically ran like they were being chased by a wolf. I actually turned around to see what they danger was, but figured out it was me. I said, "Hi little cows--it's just me." But they ran anyway.

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