Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some sales are sales and others are sales!

So if that doesn't make sense let me explain. I go to a lot of different places to display my wares and sell pottery. Over the years all the hundreds of pots I've sold sort of mush together. This year at Trout and Berry days I didn't sell as much as usual--pretty much par for the whole summer of sales. The economy has taken a bite in the profit margin. So towards the later afternoon when I was still hoping to make an extra fifty bucks, I sold one of my frogs to a boy. He didn't have the full amount, but since he paid for it all in quarters I didn't mind that he was a dollar short. He was thrilled with it and later came back with his brother. This time he and his brother had managed to scrounge up more quarters, enough for a dish. I've sold more at one time to customers before, but seldom has a sell brought me more pleasure.

If you live in Cache Valley come hear me speak about my new book "Sun Tunnels and Secrets," at 7 PM on Monday, Oct. 4th at the Hyrum Library. There will be refreshments and door prizes--chances to win books and handmade pottery. I'll have books to sell, portion of proceeds will be donated to the library.

Oct. 9th, I'll be at the Book Table in Logan from 10-2. We'll give away more prizes and I'll be on hand to sign books. I hope you can make it.
And last but not least--a shot from my birthday hike. Thanks everyone. I love you! by the way the guy with the ball cap ran the TOU marathon before coming on our 9 mile hike.

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Nan said...

I recognized your name from the little article in the paper. I didn't know you were famous! It will be fun to follow your blog.