Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pigs, Pigs, Pigs!

It might be fitting that my studio was once a pig farrowing barn. I like pigs. I've always liked pigs. Pigs are one of my favorite things to make with children. When we moved into Paradise 18 years ago our realtor told us that no pigs were allowed in Paradise even though other animals were. She may have been wrong, but we believed her. Our daughter wanted a pig for her 8th birthday. We didn't really want to buy her a pig besides, the realtor told us they weren't allowed, so we bought her a guinea pig. My husband ended up being highly allergic to it and eventually it succumbed to a neighbor's dog when it was enjoying an outing on the lawn.

Well, my occasional job of going into schools to teach pottery got canceled this year due to budget cuts. But I did a freebie for one very special 1st grade class--my husbands. Here's some examples of the pigs they made. They really did make them. Aren't they wonderful?

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Josi said...

That's so cool that you can teach those little kids to make something so cool. I was just thinking about a pinch pot type candy dish all us kids made for mother's day when we were in 3rd grade. My mom at one time had 7 of these hideous swans--and I couldn't understand why she loved them so much. And yet, looking at these pig photos made me wish I had one my kids had made. I sure wish I had a friend with a kiln and some clay. . . sigh.