Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's all Good

In one month we will have been in our new house for a whole year. I can't believe it. There are still boxes I haven't even looked in yet. The other day I remembered a favorite thing I haven't seen since the move. It's a beautiful oil lamp that my husband bought me for my birthday a few years ago. It is a hand-thrown, hand carved porcelain lamp with frogs. Yeah, I know I make pottery--but this was made my a real artist--not someone who pretends to be. I hope you're smiling about this, since you all know I'm a potter. I love to have other potters work. Last month my good friends K. and Kerri Rasmussen, well Kerri is my good friend and she's married to K. and he's a friend, but not a good friend if you know what I mean. K. if you're reading this you know I love you and your lovely garden, artistic mind, and your skiing ability. Anyway my friends brought me a gorgeous tall vase--with a leaf design.
Anyway back to my frog pot--even without that lovely pot, every single day I think about how much I love living here. Besides the house being great, I sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure I'm really looking out my windows at such an amazing view. Lately we've started hiking again. Last Sunday our friend Mike came over and we all hiked up Paradise Dry. The spring wildflowers are just starting to come out. The whole mountain sides are yellow with arrow-leaf balsamroot--a sunflower relative. And if you look closely you can see tiny bright blue forget-me-knots, and pink clematis. Soon the lupine will bloom.
I've started to feel comfortable in my new world of friends. I have some great friends to walk with. I still try to connect with my friends from Paradise whenever possible. I really am blessed and lucky! People are so good to me. Life is good. I've already forgotten what it feels like to get butted by a ram, but just so you don't think things are perfect, I did fall down the stairs--hit my back, bruising it deeply. And I twisted my ankle and it's throbbing in pain even as I write this a whole week later. So... other than that--it's all good.

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hi, it's me! melissa c said...

Hey there! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I will look in to those things you suggested. I found out the hard way about the sleep aids. Oh well.

Sounds like the lamp is beautiful. I'm in to that kind of stuff too.