Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trout and Berry Days!!!!!

In Paradise on the fourth Saturday of August every year there is a great event called Trout and Berry Days. It's named for White's trout farm and Week's berries, both famous throughout the region. While there are a few events during the week, a turkey shoot--yeah they don't shoot a turkey, although I didn't know this for at least twelve years of living here, and now there is a golf tournament, plus sometimes a children's rodeo, although not this year.

Anyway on this Saturday, there will be a small town parade, pet show, craft fair, pie eating contests, trout scrambles, auction, games, children games and so forth. My favorite event is the culminating trout dinner. I already love trout, but this is seriously the best trout ever. I think the dinner is about $12.00 a plate and worth every bit.

Plus who wouldn't want to jump in a makeshift pond and try to catch a fish?

I'll be selling my pottery there. I've had a summer of dismal sales so I have a great selection and am offering some extra good deals. I've made some really cool 20 oz. tumblers, regularly $16.00 each which I'm offering for $11.00 each. I'm also offering my batter bowls, regularly $35.00 for 28.00, plus everything else will be at least 10% off. I hope to see some of you make the trek out to Paradise, but come early the craft sale goes from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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Arianne said...

I wish I could have come. I didn't know they did this while I lived there. Love how your blog is coming along!