Friday, August 1, 2008

Just over a month...

We've been in the new house just over a month now. It still doesn't seem like home yet, but it's beginning to. I still call the old house, "the house." As in are you going up to the house? Maybe when we sell it and someone actually lives there, I'll stop calling it "the house." I hope so. I'd hate to accidentally walk in sometime and protest what the new people have done. I mean, like in--"Do you know how long it took me to peel off the old wallpaper and paint the kitchen blue?" Well, truthfully if and when we can sell it, I'll probably be thrilled no matter what they do. One thing is for sure, you put your heart and soul into a house, and it's hard to leave it all behind. Even when what you're are going to is wonderful.

The photograph is of our very first sunrise.
By the way, the party was great. We had around eighty people stop by. We met some new friends and lots of our old friends came by. There's still lots of people we'd like to meet out here in Avon. Many people brought treats and some I didn't even get to thank, not actually seeing what they set down on our counter. Anyway it was a great time. Thanks to everyone who came by.

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Josi said...

That's beautiful, Carole. It might not be Paradise, but it sure does look like it :-)