Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Trevor and Mick and Dad

(Top-Mick born April 29th 1953) (Trevor April 28, 1980 and Isaiah Aug. 12, 2006) (My Dad April 29, 1927 --Died Nov. 2, 1979)

I'd wanted to deliver my son on his father's birthday, but I missed by about five hours. It was also my dad's birthday who had passed away only months before. I'd thought to have a baby on the birthday of these two great men in my life would've been a nice tribute to them. My dad was funny, driven, and smart. As it turned out it was better. This way Trevor could celebrate his own day, and at the same time share it with his father. Both Trevor and Mick (my husband) are among the kindest people on the planet. They both treat their wives with respect, aren't chauvinistic, are smart, and have a moral fiber that is decent to the core. Interestingly, they both chose teaching as their profession. Trevor has a love and respect for the Hispanic youth that he teaches and is implementing some programs to make real differences in their lives. Trevor is non-judgmental, has the perfect wife, and because of this they can make friends with people from all walks of life.

Mick has so much compassion that he is a natural as an elementary teacher. All children, babies on up, gravitate to my husband at any gathering. It's like he's sending out a code to them that only they understand. I've witnessed it over and over. Toddlers go right to him and take him by the hand, or climb onto his lap. He quiets fussing babies, and his own grandson prefers him to almost anyone, including me, unfortunately. There are differences in what Mick and Trevor like to do (somewhat) and in their personalities, but it obvious that Trevor gained much from having such a fine man as a father.

One of my greatest joys in life was becoming a wife--and having my dad with me that day, then a mother, and then a grandmother. Full circle. So here's to Mick, Trevor, and my own dad, who I still miss after twenty-eight years. The world is a better place for these exceptional men.


Trevor said...

Thanks Mom.

Natalie Redd said...

You do have a wonderful son (and daughter, and daughter-in-law) and husband. And an adorable grandson. I specifically remember both of my kids gravitating to Mick even though we do not see him very often. You have such a wonderful family!!