Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tagged by Jake

I'm lucky enough to have very interesting nieces and nephews on both my husband's family and on my own. Recently I found out through my son that one of my nephew's, Jake tagged me on his blog. When I teased him about the fact that I found out only because Trevor (my son) told me--this was his response. By the way Jake recently broke his ankle playing rugby.

Aunt Carole,

Shouldn't you pay more attention to your husband's-brother's-son's blog? Does the afore-mentioned Trevor or Ginger have blogs? I must also confess that your blog post on Obama did get me interested enough to delve into his stance on a few issues even more, and I do quite agree with the following:

1- His plan to equalize persons with disabilities; now that I fall into this category, I think its worth a shot.
2- His voice, always very positive and uplifting, bears striking resemblance to one of my favorite WWE wrestler's voice, The Rock, so therefore he can't be THAT BAD for an extreme leftist liberal.
3- I'm not going to vote for a wolf in sheep's clothing, i.e. John McCain, no matter how much the Phoenicians threaten me here, especially when he pulls Huckabee in as his veep.

So, obviously my options are few.

Good luck with the tagged post. I look forward to it.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
1. Worked at Marie Calendar's where I learned that pie is pretty good.
2. Taught school at Mountain View High School in Orem where I learned that teenagers are really cool.
3. Taught school at Pleasant Grove Jr. High where I learned that cool teenagers are above the age of fourteen.
4. Taught school in Grouse Creek K-10 (24 kids total) where I learned that the coolest kids of all live in the middle of nowhere.

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Big Business
2. Bandits
3. Arsenic and Old Lace
4. While you were Sleeping

Four places you have lived:
1. Orem
2. Highland
3. Grouse Creek
4. Paradise

Four TV Shows that I watch:
1. Chuck
2. Pushing Daisies
3. Arrested Development
4. Desperate Housewives

Four places you have been:
1. Lots of places in Europe
2. Washington D.C.
3. Ketchikan, Alaska
4. Vail, Colorado

People who email me (regularly):
1. Ginger (my daughter)
2. Emily (my niece)
3. A bunch of friends from LDStorymakers
4. my friend Karen

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Thai food
2. Salmon
3. Costa Vita chicken mango salad
4. Chinese food

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. eating Thai food
2. Visiting Ginger in Argentina
3. At a book signing for my own book!
4. Anywhere without three feet of snow.

Things you are looking forward to this year:
1. Finishing our house in Avon
2. Selling this house
3. Moving into new house
4. Seeing more of Pi

I would like to tag my niece Emily and Megan Roe and hmmm most of my other blogging friends have already done this or similar tags so I'll have to think about it.


Autumn Ables said...

NICE! I like this, very much.

It's so fun getting to know one through these tpe of tags. Though-I will admit I am a bit 'tagged' out these days. But I sure enjoyed reading about you and others. :)

Josi said...

You must be like the coolest aunt in the world, super fun post. I love the part that the coolest kids live in the middle of nowhere. Cute.