Friday, February 22, 2008

Sick is no fun!

I'm really not the kind of person who should be battling a bunch of sydromes which are identified with letters,FMS (fibromyalgia)CFS(chronic fatigue syndrome)sounds like the punchline of a joke, and IBS(irritable bowel syndrome). But none of these are funny. I started by saying I'm not the kind of person who should have these. I'm not sure what kind of person SHOULD have these, but it shouldn't be me. I know this by hints doctors give me, like are you stressed? If stressed means doing whatever I want, when I want and loving life, then Yeah--if it means the traditional idea of stress, like demanding job and children, then that would be a big NO. Another question doctors ask is,"are you depressed?" Well, only in the way that anyone would be who is excited about their plans, only to have them sidelined by debilitating sickness. Then there was the worst doctor I had, who told me point blank that I must be a type A personality, demanding of myself and others, a perfectionist, and critical. HMMMM, well needless to say, my unusually passive husband told the doctor I'm not. What a jerk--the doctor--not my husband. This all started in my 20's after a bout with mononucleosis. I never really recovered after that. Sure I've had periods of good health, and the symptoms of each illness waxes and wanes. In fact I really haven't had IBS since college, thirty years ago. But for some reason lately, everything has manifested itself again. I will get better. One of the treatments is to laugh everyday! Seriously this was listed on a website for treatments. Well I love funny things and find great pleasure in reading, and or watching funny television shows. One of my favorite joys is the award winning sitcom, Arrested Development, unfortunately the show wasn't enjoyed by enough people, but I own all the episodes and they are found on G4. I have a bunch of friends who forward me funny stories. They are great! Feel free to email me jokes anytime--nothing else--but jokes. It will lead me to good health.


Josi said...

I agree that you are so not the person for things like this--they don't suit you one bit, so I hope you find some relief and I'll send the funny ones your way :-) you're one of the most content and gracious people I know, so that's got to help on your road to healing.

Ryan and Megan Roe said...

That's awful, Carole. I'm sorry about your illnesses. I hope you find that comedy does really help.

Lori Nawyn said...

My twenty-three-year-old daughter suffers from the same ailments. Once, she was a cross-country runner. Now there are days she can barely make it up the stairs. She keeps us laughing with her wit and upbeat attitude.