Saturday, March 23, 2013

Poaching Daisies Blog Tour!!!

Announcing my blog tour: A bunch of writers and reviewers have taken time to review or interview my newest book. Take a look on the scheduled day. Follow the rules and get a chance to win $50.00 to spend in my pottery etsy site. It's easy. It's fun. And hopefully you might discover a reason to read my latest book. Take some time to familiarize yourself to the participants writing and books.

March 24th Janet Kay Jensen Janet is a member of my Logan writing group and was valuable help in asking the right questions and offering suggestions as the story unfolded. She definitely helped the book turn out better.

March 25 Julie Coulter Bellon (popular writer and reviewer) She writes a blog called lds writer mom She is both a successful writer and a wonder mother. I know she has a large family and marvel that she has time to write at all. Thanks Julie for participating.

March 26 Liz Adair is a prolific writer. If you have read very much LDS fiction you'll have come across her books. I'm so pleased she would take time to read and review my latest. Her blog is Liz Sez. I love that she "sez" she has opinions about just about everything. So do I. Maybe that's why we write.

March 27th Braden Bell. I've never met Braden. I know him as a teacher, writer, online friend, storymaker and great supporter of writers. I've read his books and really enjoyed them.

March 28th Author Shirley Bahlmann. I met Shirley a decade ago. She's one of those cheerful and beautiful people that you love as soon as you meet. The first thing I said to her was, "You're tall!" Not exactly the most gracious thing to say. But there is a lot more to Shirley than height and good looks; she's talented as well.

March 29th Last but not least. Stephanie Worlton whom I've never met and don't know much about except that she is an author and knows a lot about camping. I love the title of her blog Kreating Krazy One Day at a Time. She was gracious enough to join my blog tour, so please acquaint yourself with her blog and my book at the same time. I could have used her book when I was camp director and later as Young Women's President, but she hadn't written it yet.

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