Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Friendly Walk in Old Paradise

As you come into Avon there is a big sign that says Welcome to Avon 733 Friendly People. Then I spotted this sign on a gate in  Avon. A Joke? Hmm, not sure I want to find out. Actually the owner of the said property is always friendly to me--still not sure I want to push my luck. 

I spotted these two friendly looking ewes heading out for their morning walk. I don't know where they were headed, but they seemed very determined to get there.

Then when I got home a bit later, our herd of friendly neighborhood deer came by. This is the little buck I was hoping would make it through the hunt. He did. He's a two point on one side, a spike on the other. I took this photo out of the window.

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The Suzzzz said...

If I could afford the gas for the commute to town I'd totally move to Paradise right now. That is my kind of traffic!