Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Highlights of Summer

Meadow Creek
Do other people get a bit depressed at the end of summer? I remember as a child being super-excited for school to end and yet almost as excited to start again, find out who my teacher would be, who would be in my class, and to get back to a routine. Now that I'm an empty-nester and a grandmother, I hate to see summer end. This summer was different. Usually my husband and I go on hikes and bike rides almost every day, but this summer my husband had knee surgery so I only went on a few hikes, some before his surgery--though he was in pain--and a few without him. Now school is on, my husband is back in school teaching and I'm feeling less that summer-fulfilled. But this summer wasn't without blessings, joys, fun, and meaningful experiences. At the end of May we had our third grandchild born. He's sweet and beautiful. In July we had a quick trip out to Grouse Creek to celebrate the Fourth, watch a small town parade and visit some favorite spots like Meadow Creek--land owned by my husband's family for the generations.

Hike with brothers
At the end of July, we had a family party. My mother, and all four of my brothers came. We also had some of the next generation too. It meant a lot to me that two of my brothers came early to go on a hike. By this time my husband had already had surgery so he was out of commission and I was having nature withdrawals.

In August our oldest grandson turned five and we got to celebrate with him. He got a new bike, but was especially excited about the cake his mother made for him. 

A few days later we headed for our annual cabin trip in Montana. This one was extra-special. A nephew married his beautiful bride and mother of his child--truly a ideal match. They got married right in front of the cabin our grandpa built in 1961. I also got to be with our two children and two of the grand-kids. And the kids loved hiking. As long as we mentioned Dora the explorer the almost three-year-old could hike and hike.

My daughter agreed to a quick hike to another one of my favorite places on earth before flying back to NYC, White Pine trail in Logan canyon. 

The summer highlights out-weighed the difficulties. I had to do some pottery sales without the help of my husband, but found that friends will go to great efforts to help me when needed. I learned how to move sprinkler pipe--again thanks to some good friends and new friends who pitched in to help the novice. I learned how to change a flat tire--twice. The first one my BIL came to the rescue, the second I pretty much did by myself. I took care of animals, mowed lawns, and whacked weeds. I still hope to fit some hikes in this fall. Husband is back to teaching school, now on one crutch and doing well. I hope next summer he'll be fit and ready to go.

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