Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paradise Artists' Sale Coming Up!!!

I'm also excited to show off the new versions of my old books--"A Question of Trust" and "False Pretenses" will be offered again at only 10.00 each. 
Also we'll be joined again by Jeani Anderson-Jenks, a local crafter who does jewelry and recycled mittens and other things. 
One of the best things about the day is our local entertainers, the funny and talented, Dale Major and his children Erin and Jake. They will perform at 9 am so that the breakfast eaters can enjoy them as well. 

Once again we will offer a chance to win pottery and photography--proceeds for the raffle will be donated to the Paradise Fire Department. 

Email me at mcwarburton@gmail.com for information.

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CTW said...

Last night Dale told me he won't be able to come. Hopefully we'll hear them at our Christmas sale.