Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good-bye San Francisco

Our daughter has lived in San Francisco for the last 16 months and last weekend we visited for the third time. I'm not sure I'll ever go there again because she'll be moving soon, but we had a great time. We did lots of touristy things, like saw Wicked, visited three museums:The Museum of Modern Art, The Legion of Honor, and De Young. I'm not sure which was my favorite--parts of each stood out. I loved the ceramics in the Legion of Honors and the old time masters works, like Giovanni, Rembrandt, and even the Impressionists Monet and Manet. I realized how much I've forgotten from the days that I packed my hefty Art History book around the USU campus studying for Professor Michael Bull's comprehensive tests. By the time we visited De Young we were so tired we couldn't give it the time that it deserved. It may be my favorite. They had a gorgeous display of Amish abstract quilts and minutes before they closed we went to the lookout tower and looked out over the impressive city and bay.

It was our 31'st wedding anniversary. Last year I wrote a blog about my husband called 30 years of Nice. He's never lived that down from his brother Larry who loves to tease him about it. But now I could write another one called 31 years, but I'll let last years suffice.

The best part of the trip of course was spending time with our daughter and seeing how well she navigates the world. She confidently rides the city on her mo-ped. Maybe the best thing about being married for 31 years is having fabulous adult children to visit and now two beautiful grandchildren. All in all life is pretty darn good.


JoLynne Lyon said...

I'm jealous about those art museums. Glad you had a good trip.

julie smith said...

Oh Aunt Carole that sounded so fun! Nice you got to go to San Fran and visit Ginger(she looked so cute on her moped too) and Happy Anniversary to you and Uncle Mick!!! You guys look great!