Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Tree

We decided to go back to our old tradition of buying a living tree and plant it after Christmas since we have a lot of property now. We were kind of excited to do this again and my husband bought a tree at a nursery in Brigham. Well he happened to bring home the small tree when my good friend and neighbor was leaving our house. She noticed the pathetic looking tree that stood upright on the back seat of our car and barely touched the roof. My neighbor felt sorry for us; a new house with a large window and my husband "so conservative he would only buy a little tree."

The next morning I noticed her husband set a tree next to our horse stable. I thought that was strange. Maybe he thought the horses liked to eat trees. So I asked my neighbor why her husband put a tree there. She started to look sheepish and laugh. She explained what she thought and that they had an extra tree. We put the tree up. It is gorgeous next to our large picture window. We set our live tree outside where we can see it through the window. It is indeed pathetic looking. We may have to rethink our tradition.

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Lynn and/or DeAnna Hulme said...

I will always remember how hard we both laughed when I had to tell you why my husband had put the extra tree by the horses. I am laughing again just reading your blog. I love that we can laugh together.It is one of the healthiest things we can do together! Your tree giving friend. dh