Monday, December 1, 2008


There aren't many photographs of my growing up years. The story is that every time anyone got the camera out, I stomped my feet and started to cry. The consequences are that the record of my life is sparse. This was one of my favorite photos of me. I look happy, my brother is laughing at me, and I thought the plant in the background was my hair. I loved that my hair stuck straight up!!!

This week I learned some more about consequences. The local newspaper doesn't like being told they "caved in." (see previous blog) I received no less than three less than friendly phone calls from the managing editor of the Herald Journal. It's clear that he believes bullying people who criticize them is the best way to do business. I was not prepared for the unprofessional confrontational tone the editor took with me. Somehow, I wrongly assumed that a newspaper would be used to criticism, after all they certainly make their living publishing the faults of others.
I still stand by everything I wrote. And for those of you not in the area, the letter. with a few word changes to satisfy the legal department was published last Wednesday. My letter to the editor was purposely disabled from access in the online edition. Yes, every other letter of the week was there, but not mine. After a phone call from a citizen and some emails, the letter is now available.
Numerous people have told me thanks for writing the letter. There are people who are continuing the cause of helping Mayor Atwood. There are people who are ready to keep digging until the truth is found out and justice is served. I like to hope that my letter might have stirred some action.


Josi said...

That is a darling photo--I thought it was your hair too until you pointed out that it wasn't. I'm proud of you for sticking to your guns--maybe if some of those people that agree with you would also send letters the editor would realize it's not him against you but that he's road blocking an attempt to find truth--which is what a newspaper is supposed to do. Good luck.

M said...

Good for you, Carole! Sometimes newspapers like The HJ just need a little nudging from smart people close to an issue.

While I think Charlie can be an extreme hot-head (hence his negative responses to you), he is also a deliberator. You might feel that he just tossed the issue and your interest in it aside, but I am positive that he carefully considered this issue and whether or not it should be covered by the paper. I assure you that he is not trying to cover up the truth.

Also, the people who put the news, letters to the editor, etc. online, are in a different department than editorial. When I was there it was some tech lady who would leave stories off all the time. It drove me crazy. Hopefully she was the problem in this case as well.

The HJ staff is far from perfect (remember, I worked there) and I am sure they have missed the boat on important issues before. Keep putting pressure on them. It will eventually come out. And don't let Charlie bully you around.

M said...

BTW, I don't know if you have talked to Arrin Brunson. She is a stringer for The Salt Lake Tribune. She lives in Cache Valley. You should see if the Trib will pick it up. Check local radio stations and blogs.

And criticize away! I always learned most from reader criticisms.

Matthew Buckley / Marion Jensen said...

Nicely done.

day fam said...
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day fam said...

I remember this photo! You are so cute! hair/plant thing. Your Mom looks really neato. Don't you just love the 50's and how cool everyone looked?