Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sometimes Life is too good to be true...

Barring a disaster, it looks like we will have our first African-American president. History in the making--and we witness the event.

On a smaller scale about a month ago, our friends the Major's invited us to go on a moonlight horseback ride. It was cold. It was scary. I had to put all my trust in a horse and in our leaders. I couldn't see really where were going as our horse walked through dark pastures, trudged through tall sagebrush and junipers until we reached the top of the hills and could see the lights all the way into Logan main street--fifteen miles away. The temple a little gem in the dark. When we crestted the mountain I was behind the group and could see the horses and riders silhouetted with the nearly full moon. It was for me the ultimate Paradise event. Dale teased me about bringing my cell phone with me and asked if I was expecting Obama to call. I said he might--he'd been emailing me regularly along with Michelle and Joe Biden. Afterwards we sat around a fire on the Major's patio and sipped hot chocolate and visited.

I've been on some hikes this fall where I was sure that the world couldn't possibly get any better. Then last weekend I stayed with eleven other strong women--only one I had met before--and she only breifly, and yet we bonded as if we'd known each other all our lives. We talked, ate, and hiked in Zion's and Snow Canyon, staying at Millie Watt's beautiful vacation home in St. George. Millie is one of those women whose warmth and quiet dignity takes you in and makes you want to be like her. She was able to discuss without vitriol her sense of sadness and betrayal toward church and governmental policies which deny two of her children full rights of citizenship and fellowship. The other women ranged in ages from 30 and 67. They came to our retreat from California, Pennsylvania, Oregon,Washington, and the rest of us from Utah. And yet we bonded over a pie-ceremony. The next day some of us hiked through the Narrows in icy cold water--without proper shoes--for the conditions. But with each turn in the canyon a new view, and a desire to see more, to experience more, and to never forget the wonders.

Tonight watching the polls, I'm again feeling overwhelmed by the goodness, the hope, and the beauty in being alive.


Jiles Pfamily said...

Carol, I stopped your brothers earlier this week and they harrassed me about voting for Obama. They acted as if Obama won the election the end of the world would be just around the corner. I told them "at least Carol is on my side".

Josi said...

I loved the part about trusting your leaders and horses during your night ride. I admit I didn't vote for Obama, but he is our president and in my prayers and I will trust in my leaders to know more than I do and lead us in the right direction. Knowing people like you have faith in him is a huge vote in his favor for me who, admittedly, doesn't follow politics very much.

Marcia Mickelson said...

I also am very happy about Tuesday night's results. It's a wonderful day in our nation. I hope other people will start to see that soon.

angela michelle said...

Yeah, my emails from Obama and Biden and Michelle have studdenly stopped--don't they love me anymore??

I lived in Logan for 4 years and we loved it so much we could barely convince ourselves to leave.