Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Saying swear words or swer wrds can be funny

  • I've told you I love a good laugh. Recently my dear friend from Diane shared with me this chart her seven year old daughter made to help the family clean up their language. Diane said she didn't have any trouble with swearing until she decided to have a talking to with her teenager sons about their cussing. Since the talk, the words crept into her own language more frequently. Concerned, Abby, her daughter made this chart for the family. On the back she listed the family names and then wisely realized she probably shouldn't include Mom and Dad in the chart so just listed the kids names.
Abby might be on to something here. Maybe a Relief Society Homemaking night could be devoted to making swear word charts complete with tole painted happy and sad faces. Each word could be color-coded for how bad they are. Some women might want to do their chart in counted cross stitch or embroidery. I was impressed that she is such a good speller--the cuss words are all spelled completely right, minus an "n," which let's face it, is a very complicated word indeed. Maybe Abby could go into business making and selling the charts.

In my husband's school class, he's learned to ask questions to the students who tattle on other kids for saying the S word, which is more often than not--shut-up, and the F word, which is more often than not--fart.

Life is good when the innocence of a child can cheer your spirits. Swear word charts and the beautiful fall leaves make everything worthwhile. Thanks Diane for sharing something so precious. I hope you save the chart forever.


emmusic said...

Hilarious! I sent it to everybody who was on messenger at the time!


Matthew Buckley said...

OK, I often type lol, or LOL, or even LOL!. But this time was the real deal. I sat on the couch and laughed and laughed. I could see a table set up, with a crossed stitched swer wrd chart on it, to show the good sisters what will be happening on Super Saturday.

Love it.

Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

That is great, Carole! It gave me the giggles.

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Josi said...

That is hilarious! I love it--I want mine in vinyl letters on the living room wall with a dry erase board. Good thing Mom and Dad are left off. Too funny. I hope Diane puts it in a scrapbook.

Ajoy said...

Too funny! Thanks for sharing :)

Katie Parker said...

Or the dreaded "B-word," according to a second grade boy I talked to: BARBIE!