Monday, April 16, 2007

Birthday Fun and Tagged

Okay here it goes. A writing friend, Annette Lyon from The Lyon’s Tale tagged me. This blogging thing is fairly new to me, but this is what I’m supposed to do and you are too, if I tagged you. Otherwise feel free to just read this. My birthday is in September and it’s a great time of year to have a birthday in Utah because it’s beautiful and the leaves in the mountains are just starting to turn, which makes my birthday hike, (see April 4th blog) extra great.

Something interesting about my birthday hikes: For three years in a row, in three different hikes, I saw the same man. The first birthday hike, I saw this man I was with my good friend Kathy Herbert. We’d hiked the Jardine Juniper trail in Logan canyon. It’s about 5 miles to the top. Anyway, while we were eating our lunch a man joined us. I’d say he was about ten years older than me which at the time would’ve made him around fifty-five. He’d ridden his bicycle on the trail with levi shorts on, which I thought was a bit strange. We had a nice chat though. Fast forward to the next year. This year, my birthday group was larger, but we were hiking in a completely different area to the top of Mount Naomi, this was 2001 because it was right after our nation's tragedy, and on our way down we saw the same man—same day of the year—different hike. Then believe it or not, the next year I was hiking with my husband in a different canyon, but again very near my birthday when we saw the same man and his bicycle. This time I told him, that I’d seen him for three years in a row—he didn’t seem nearly as impressed as I was, but now I’m really curious because I haven’t seen him for about five years now. Where are you levi-shorts bicycle riding guy? Is the reason I haven’t seen you is because you’ve finally bought some real biking shorts?

Here are the rules for the game.

Also include anything unusual about your birthday--like I did.

Go to Wikipedia and type in your birth date: September 15

Find three things that happened on your birthday? I have to admit I chose the shortest things.

Lolita is published in Paris by Olympia press 1957

The first issue of USA TODAY is published by Gannett 1982

1935—Nuremberg laws deprive Jews of citizenship

Now find the birthdays of three famous people who share your birthday.

Agatha Christie 1890

1984 Prince Henry of Wales

1946 Tommy Lee Jones (actor)

Now the death of a famous person

Ethan Allen (baseball player)

Now an event/holiday

In Bulgaria
the first day of school each year

That’s it—now for the tag part. I’m trying to tag fellow bloggers who haven’t been tagged yet. Hmmmmm. This is the hard part.

Tagged bloggers: I could only come up with three people--that's because it took me forever to write this because my internet kept disconnecting.

janette rallison

julie wright

Truly this was hard for me--I hope you have better luck!

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Josi said...

I had no idea Ethan Allen was an actual person. I just thought it was a furniture store :-)

I ran into L Tom Perry on my wedding day, got photos with him, one year later on our 1 year anniversary we ran into him and his wife again. Haven't seen him since though.